Troubleshooting Common Problems


1.       Is there an adequate amount of butane fuel in your lighter? If not - please refill it.

2.       My lighter has fuel, I can hear it, and I can see a spark.

Adjust Flame Height: The most common issue with a lighter not igniting is because of inadequate flame height. Please turn your lighter upside down and find the fuel valve / flame height adjustment ring. You will see an arrow mark around the fuel valve with a + plus and – minus symbol. Using either a lighter tool or small flat head screw driver, turn the fuel valve to the + plus direction in small increments. After making an adjustment, try to depress the ignition away from your face, skin, and clothing to see if the flame has increased to satisfaction. If not, turn the flame height again in a small increment to the + plus direction. Repeat as necessary.

Purge Air / Butane: Please try to purge your lighter of all fluids and excess air. Air build up inside the lighter can prevent ignition from occurring. To purge your lighter, please turn it upside down and away from your face and skin. Locate the fuel valve on the bottom of the lighter. With a lighter tool or small pointed object, press down on the lighter valve. Be sure to hold the lighter away from your face, skin, and clothing. The lighter will release the contents of the fuel tank. Once the lighter is visible empty and has stopped making noise, try to refill your lighter with butane.

Clear Debris from the Burners: Sometimes small pieces of ash, tobacco, or debris can become stuck in the burners of the lighter, preventing it from functioning properly. You can clear this debris by either using a can of compressed air, or by forcibly blowing into the burner area.

Use Refined Butane for Torch Lighters: Using unrefined, or over-refined butane can adversely affect the performance of your lighter. This can cause uneven lighting across the burners, or clog the fuel hoses over time. We recommend our Jetline brand butane which will out preform any other brand on the market in terms of consistent ignition at any altitude. If you do not wish to use Jetline brand butane, we recommend any brand that is 5x refined. Any more refined will give a weaker ignition. Any less refined will clog your fuel hoses and ignition system.

3.       My lighter has fuel, I can hear it, but I cannot see a spark.

Please send your lighter in for warranty service. Do not attempt to service the lighter yourself, as it will void your warranty.


Instructions for Warranty Service:


1. If you are sending a lighter you MUST empty out all fluids from the lighter.

2. Please print and fill out All empty fields, on the PRODUCT WARRANTY FORM on the bottom of this page.


4. If you do not have a proof of purchase or your item is discontinued or out of warranty please include cashiers check or a money order of $9.95 PAYABLE To: K.K. International Corp. for processing, (other charges may apply for out of warranty items).

5. Coverage under JETLINE warranty does not include normal wear to the finish of the cutters or lighters. Scratches to the surfaces of the product are considered normal wear. The warranty does not cover the outer case mechanism, such as the cap and cap hinge, or damage or malfunction resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, tampering or neglect. The warranty does not cover damage from failure to maintain, clean or use your lighter or cutter in accordance with our operating and safety instructions. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from repair, or attempted repair, by anyone other than JETLINE WARRANTY DEPARTMENT .