Instructions upon sending your product for service or replacement:

1. If you are sending a lighter you MUST empty out all fluids from the lighter.

2. Please print and fill out All empty fields, on the PRODUCT WARRANTY FORM on the bottom of this page.


4. If you do not have a proof of purchase or your item is discontinued or out of warranty please include cashiers check or a money order of $9.95 PAYABLE To: K.K. International Corp. for processing, (other charges may apply for out of warranty items).

5. Coverage under JETLINE warranty does not include normal wear to the finish of the cutters or lighters. Scratches to the surfaces of the product are considered normal wear. The warranty does not cover the outer case mechanism, such as the cap and cap hinge, or damage or malfunction resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, tampering or neglect. The warranty does not cover damage from failure to maintain, clean or use your lighter or cutter in accordance with our operating and safety instructions. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from repair, or attempted repair, by anyone other than JETLINE WARRANTY DEPARTMENT .